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The I Wanna Monster! A story to help kids understand the cycle of craving

We call her The I Wanna Monster. This monster looks just like my sweet, lovable daughter, except she’s growling with her arms crossed and her eyes glaring. Usually she’s screaming something that starts with, “I Wanna…”  I wanna treat. I wanna watch another show. I wanna play for five more minutes. I wanna pogo stick and […]
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10 Insights from Two Months on the Road with Three Kids

My wife and I had the great experience of taking our friendly neighborhood folk band,  The Falderals, on the road this year to celebrate the release of our new album Witness. And we brought our three kids along for the ride. Altogether, we traveled four thousand miles from Minnesota through Wisconsin and Ohio, all the way to the East Coast […]

Kid’s Brains on Emotions and Some Mindful Exercises That Help

When strong emotions overtake young children, we often think they’ve lost their minds. Well, they have. Brain science indicates that when the Amygdala—the so called animal brain or downstairs brain—is activated by strong emotions, the rest of the brain, the parts that do things normal humans should do, is less accessible; or in children, not accessible at […]
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Helping Children Manage Strong Emotions

Human children are a very unprofitable investment. They require a lot of time and labor. They break stuff. They’re expensive. And they yell and throw fits. Most other animal babies—ponies, rats, chickens—are fully capable of adult living by the age of one or two. They even move out, or at least they start catching their own […]