Activities that Inspire Mindfulness, Contemplation, Creativity, Compassion, Deep-Thinking, and Awesomeness in Young People

talltreesbookimageThis book is collection of activities that teacher, father, and artist Andrew Andestic (M.Ed.) has created and tested over the years on his students and kids.  Each activity is designed to get young people to stop, breath, and contemplate a big question about life.  Some activities encourage creative thinking, like drawing sounds or sculpting feelings.  Some encourage young people to contemplate the nature of their own existence and the meaning of their life.  Other activities focus on more practical concepts like thinking about how passions, skills, and interests can be used to develop a career focus.  Each activity is printable and easily reproducible, beginning with a simple task and ending with a series of contemplation questions.  The activities are great to use in the classroom or around the kitchen table.  A sample of the work book can be found here:  Activities that Inspire Sample Pages.